Memories of Honor

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“Memories of Honor” depicts Crow King as an older man. In his latter years he still shows the strength, pride, and honor that made him such an important leader of his people. As befitting the tribal leadership earned, he now wears a chief’s bonnet that has the extra touch of his trademark beaded crow mounted on the crown.

This bonnet has a trailer of spiked eagle feathers that trails down his back and touches the ground. His necklace is made of pony beads, eagle feathers, and a quilted pendant depicting the four sacred directions. The staff that he carries has fifty-seven eagle feathers and a scalp lock on the top. The eagle was revered as a symbol of leadership and only those considered brave and wise were allowed to wear them.

Although it is now faded and worn, he still wears the U.S. Seventh Cavalry Lieutenant Colonel’s coat he obtained at the Little Big Horn. As a demonstration of its importance to both Crow King and the people, it has been extensively beaded and decorated over the years. He also wears a ceremonial pictorial robe decorated with scenes of important battles in his life and enhanced with a horizontal beaded strip. One of the most important items that he carries for all ceremonies is a wooden carving of his favorite war horse. The main and tail of this carving is made from hair taken from his famous dappled gray horse that he rode during the Battle of Little Big Horn. He carved and painted this talisman himself and he would carry it, strapped on his back, for protection in battle and on all horse raids.




Maquette, 31″ x 16″ x 11″, Edition of 60


Warrior Series