In “The Honor Dress” the warrior’s widow honors and pays tribute to the passing of her brave husband from battle by wearing a rare hand painted ceremonial dress. Her dress is uniquely adorned with paintings which symbolize and recognize this brave and fearless warrior’s celebrated war accomplishments. She proudly carries his buffalo robe, shield and distinctive headdress with a trailer of over 100 golden eagle tail honor feathers. It was a tradition for female relatives of warriors killed in battle to carry such items to ceremonies and parades.

Females were important members of their tribes, who possessed the same warrior values and qualities of bravery, self reliance, strength, fortitude, freedom of choice and patience. They were thought to possess special power and status because of their ability to achieve the highest goal, bearing and raising children. Skilled women garnered public recognition for their talents of cooking, quilting, beading, preparing hides.

“The Honor Dress” is part of McGary’s Native American Women series

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