My Spirit Dances Forever


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In Dave McGary’s words… “Inspired by the very dance itself, the title of this piece came to me several years ago. Even when the ‘ghost shirts’ proved themselves ineffective as shields, I knew the spirit of the dance would live forever.”

“Now there is this sacred dance he sends you. It will make you see the world of light where care and trouble are no more. It will make you see your dead ones yonder in the Spirit Land”. Thus spoke Short Bull to his people upon his return from visiting the Paiute shaman, Wovoka.

Kicking Bear, Short Bull, Good Thunder and several other delegates returned from visiting Wovoka in the land of the sunset bringing this gospel of hope. Fervently embracing this new dance labeled the “Ghost Dance” because the participants would see their dead relatives alive in the Spirit Land, the red man enjoyed a sense of hope and exhilaration that had been lost to them.

Bountiful layers of earth would blanket the ground anew, huge herds of buffalo would once again roam the plains and beloved relatives would be restored to them if the dancers would dance unceasingly.




Maquette, 22.5″ x 17″ x 8″ edition 50


Warrior Series