Enemies Past – Lifesize Bust

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Dave McGary’s adaptation for the daring and bravery of the Hidatsawarrior, in his Upper Missouri River series, is evident in this exquisitebronze. The powerful image of Pehriska-Ruhpa (Two Ravens or TwoCrows), presents the Dog Soldier, warrior and chief of the Hidatsa as astrong figure of dignity. He assumes the persona that would have beennative to all men of power and rank, his worth displayed in his regaliaand adornments.

Around his neck, decorating his broad chest, is a strand of grizzly bearclaws, space with trade beads of blue, fastened to a roll of otter skin.Symbols of significant wealth, these necklaces were made from thefore-claws of bears taken in the spring when the claws were largest. Thered trade wool pieces around his ankles also indicate his prominencein society. The cluster of owl feathers on his head piece associates himto the prestigious Dog Society. Two Crows was the headman of theDog Soldiers and Black Mouth Societies. The Black Mouth served as thepolice force within the Hidatsa Nation. The great warrior displays hisexploits on his shirt and holds a lance with spiked feathers of the eagleand scalps of “enemies past”. His long is adorned with beads, trade bellsand feathers of honor. An exclusive tribal characteristic, hair oiled withbears’ grease was believed to promote growth to its utmost ability.

The Hidatsa, closely related to the Crow, called themselves, “the peopleof the willows”. Originally, there were three groups of people who spokesimilar languages and ultimately became known collectively as theHidatsa: The Awatixa, or “people of rock village”, and the Awaxawi, or“people of the mountain”, and the Hidatsa proper, who roamed an areafrom Devil’s Lake to the Little Missouri River.




Lifesize Bust


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