Emergence of the Chief

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Appropriate to her position as chief clan mother, her headpiece is beaded in the raised floral pattern, almost bas-relief style, of her nation. The red skirt is edge in the “Celestial Sky” motif, a scalloped inward-facing border of inverted domes signifying the twelve months of the year, as well as the trinities of Earth, Moon, Sun, Fire, Air, Corn, Beans and Squash. The same pattern edges the chief’s blanket. Sacred tobacco appears as the five blossom flowering plant on the skirt. The smallest white seed beads, signifying purity, were used in the beading resulting in a lace-like appearance. The silver medallions on the tan tunic are typical trade items typical trade items added after contact with the Europeans.

As part of the educational portion of the bronze process, Dave McGary involved graduate students from the Concordia University graduate programs, crossing all academic disciplines. The sculpture students participated in the foundry and finishing portion of the monument. Over a two year period from the release of this piece, a percentage of the proceeds from the sales of The Emergence of the Chief will result in scholarship endowment for students of the Mohawk Nation.

The Emergence of the Chief is the first piece in a mew geographical locale, the Eastern Woodland Series. The primary focus will be the nations comprising the Iroquois Confederation of the mid 1800’s – a unified group holding over 24 million acres o0 beautiful and resource-wealthy lands.




Masterwork, 37″ x 31″ x 27.5″, Edition of 50


Upper Missiouri River Series