“How would you like to be remembered?”

In a 2011 article in Southwest Art Magazine, Dave was asked, “How would you like to be remembered?” “For having documented, with respect, the culture of Native American people. For being innovative and establishing my own techniques and style of work. I hope I have changed the way people look at bronze sculpture. For showing […]

Creating Monumental Dreams

Creating Monumental Dreams Monuments & Lifesize Bronzes by Dave McGary For Dave McGary (1958-2013), creating monumental dreams was a monumental passion. Creating large footsteps in bronze was a soothing thought—Footprints for the general public to touch and feel and be emotionally attached to. We hope you enjoy taking a glimpse at the historical legacy that Dave left […]

Native Americans The Tribes of McGary Bronzes

Native Americans In Traditional Dress

Native Americans The Tribes of McGary Bronzes The diversity of Native American tribes across North America are as unique as the land itself. Just as with societies of today, many Native American nations formed alliances with similar tribes to help overcome their enemies or for reasons of self-defense, trade and friendship. The tribes that Dave […]