Native American Tribes of the Mountain Region

Native Americans Tribes

Mountain Region: Tribal History

Below are brief descriptions about the tribes that artist Dave McGary focuses on in his bronze sculptures of the people of the Mountain region of Native America:


Tribal Origin: Apachean Family
Also known as: ápachu, means ‘enemy’
Native Name: N’de, Dĭnë, Tĭnde and Inde, means ‘people’
Home Territories: Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and the
Great Plains
Language: Chiricahua, Jicarilla, Lipan, Plains Apache, Mescalero and Western Apache
Enemies: Spanish, Mexicans and Americans
Point of Interest: Were known as great warriors and intelligent tacticians in battles


Tribal Origin: Algonquian Family
Native Name: Iñunaina, means ‘our people’
Home Territories: Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and Oklahoma
Language: Arapaho
Enemies: Pawnee and Comanche
Point of Interest: In later years became fur traders


Tribal Origin: Pawnee Confederacy
Also known as: Sahnish, Arikaree and Ree
Home Territories: North Dakato and South Dakota
Language: Caddoan
Alliances: Mandan and Hidatsas
Point of Interest: Nearly wiped out by Smallpox in the mid-19th century


Tribal Origin: Siouan Family
Also known as: Asiniibwaan, means ‘Stone Sioux’
Native Name: Hohe Nakota
Home Territories: Northern Great Plains of America and Canada
Language: Lakota
Alliances: Cree
Enemies: Atsina and Blackfeet
Point of Interest: A semi-nomatic tribe that hunted bison and sold their hides


Tribal Origin: Algonquian Family
Tribes of the Atsina: Also known as the Gros Ventres
Native Name: A’ani or A’aninin, means ‘white clay people’
Home Territories: Montana and South Saskatchewan
Language: Atsina
Alliances: Blackfeet and then later allied with the Crow; possibly with the Arapaho
Enemies: Assiniboine, Cree and Blackfeet (when the Atsina allied themselves with the Crow)
Point of Interest:
Due to the acquisition of guns by their enemies, they were forced north into Canada.


Tribal Origin: Shoshonean Tribe
Also known as: Banate
Native Name: Panaílǐ
Home Territories: Idaho and Wyoming
Language: Paiute
Enemies: Nez Percé
Point of Interest: Tended to intermarry with the Washakie Shoshoni


Tribal Origin: Teton Sioux
Native Name: Sihasapa, means ‘black feet’
Home Territories: North Dakota and South Dakota
Language: Blackfoot
Tribal Alliance: Piegan, Siksika, Northern Piegan and Kainai
Enemies: Crow, Dakota, Lakota and Nakota
Point of Interest: They received their tribal name due to the fact that they wore black moccasins


Tribal Origin: Algonquian Family
Also known as: Sha-hi’yena, means ‘people of alien speech’
Native Name: Dzǐ’tsǐǐstäs, means ‘people alike’
Home Territories: Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota
Language: Cheyenne
Alliances: Arapaho and Lakota
Enemies: Ojibwa
Point of Interest: Often worked as scouts for the US Army


Tribal Origin: Algonquian Family
Also known as: Ojibwa, Ojibway, Ojibwe and the Chippeway
Native Name: Bāwa’tigōwininiwŭg, means ‘people of the Sault’
Home Territories: Michigan, northern Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota
Language: Anishinaabemowin or Ojibwemowin
Alliances: Ottawa and Potawatomi peoples
Enemies: Iroquois Confederacy and the Sioux
Point of Interest: Known for birch bark canoes, wild rice, copper points, and their use of guns from the British to defeat the Dakota and the Sioux


Tribal Origin: Shoshone
Native Name: Numunuu, means ‘the People’
Home Territories: New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas
Language: Comanche
Alliances: Apache and Kiowa
Enemies: American settlers at times
Point of Interest: Known for attacking on nights with a full moon and for their skills of fighting while on horseback


Tribal Origin: Algonquian Family
Also known as: Iliniw, means ‘person’
Native Name: Nēhilawē, means ‘those who speak our nation’s language’
Home Territories: Canada, Minnesota, North Dakota and eventually Montana
Language: Cree
Alliances: Navaho
Point of Interest: Known to be one of the largest tribes in North America


Tribal Origin: Siouan
Also known as: Absaroka or Apsáalooke, means ‘children of the
large-beaked bird’
Native Name: Crow
Home Territories: North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming
Language: Crow
Enemies: Siksika and the Dakota
Point of Interest: Known for very large tipis that could accomodate mattresses and a fire pit


Tribal Origin: Siouan Family
Also known as: Eastern Sioux, Nakota and Lakota
Native Name: Dakota, means ‘Allies’ or ‘Friends’
Home Territories: Dakotas, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Carolina, Manitoba and southern Saskatchewan
Language: Lakota
Alliances: Sioux Nation
Points of Interest: Known for their bravery


Tribal Origin: Athapascan tribe
Native Name: Jicarillo Apache, means ‘little basket’
Home Territories: Colorado and New Mexico
Language: Southern Athabaskan
Enemies: Mescaleros and Navaho
Point of Interest: Considered an extremely cruel Apache tribe


Tribal Origin: Kiowa
Native Name: Kgoy-goo, means ‘principle people’
Home Territories: Colorado and Oklahoma
Language: Kiowa
Alliances: Comanches and the Apaches
Enemies: Cheyennes
Point of Interest: Nomatic tribe who survived by hunting buffalo and eating vegetables

Kiowa Apache

Tribal Origin: Athapascan tribe
Also known as: Gattacka
Native Name: Na-ishañ-dina, means ‘our people’
Home Territories: Wyoming
Language: Southern Athabaskan
Alliances: Arapaho and Cheyenne
Enemies: Kiowa
Point of Interest: The measles nearly wiped them out


Tribal Origin: Siouan
Native Name: Miah’tanēs, means ‘people on the bank’
Home Territories: North Dakota and South Dakota
Language: Mandan and Hidatsa
Alliances: Arikara and Hidatsa
Enemies: Assiniboin and Lakota
Point of Interest: Lived in homes made of logs and clay


Tribal Origin: Southern Athabascan
Also known as: Diné or Navajo, means ‘the people’
Native Name: Navajo
Home Territories: Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico
Language: Navajo
Enemies: United States
Point of Interest: Largest tribe in the United States today

Nez Percé

Tribal Origin: Nez Percé
Also known as: Nez Percé, means ‘pierces noses’
Native Name: Nimíipuu, means ‘the people’
Home Territories: Pacific Northwest and eventually Idaho
Language: Nez Percé
Point of Interest: This tribe was not known for piercing their noses. They were mistaken for another tribe that lived south of them.


Tribal Origin: Uto-Aztecan family
Also known as: Piute, possibly means ‘Water Ute’
Home Territories: Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah
Language: Paiute
Enemies: Navajo and Utes
Point of Interest: Were sold into slavery by the Navajo and Utes


Tribal Origin: Caddoan family
Also known as: Paneassa and Pani
Native Name: Chahiksichahiks, means ‘men of men’
Tribes of the Pawnee Conferacy: Chaui, Kitkehahki, Pitahauerat, and Skidi
Home Territories: Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma
Language: Caddoan and Pawnee
Alliances: United States
Enemies: Lakota
Point of Interest: Never fought against the United States, but always held up their part in the treaties (even when the US failed to do the same)

Piegan Blackfeet

Tribal Origin: Algonquian family
Also known as: Siksikaikwan, means ‘a Blackfoot person’
Home Territories: Montana and Canada
Language: Blackfoot
Point of Interest: War and Smallpox greatly reduced their numbers


Pueblo Tribes: Jemez, Keresan Pueblos, Piro Pueblos, Tewa Pueblos, Tiwa Pueblos, Zuni, and Hopi
Home Territories: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Texas
Language: Multiple
Point of Interest: Lived in stone houses and cliff dwellings


Tribal Origin: Salish
Also known as: Flathead Indians
Native Name: Salish, means ‘the people’
Home Territories: Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia
Point of Interest: Were falsely believe to have used boards to flatten babies heads at birth

Shoshonean Family

Tribal Origin: Shoshonean
Home Territories: Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, California and Arizona
Language: Multiple
Alliances: US Army
Enemies: Arapaho, Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Crow, and Lakota
Point of Interest: Sacagawea, who accompanied Lewis and Clark, was the most famous Shoshone


Tribal Origin: Shoshoni
Also known as: Shǐshǐnoats-hitäneo, means ‘snake people’
Native Name: Shoshoni, means ‘the grass people’
Home Territories: California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming
Language: Shoshoni
Enemies: Blackfoot, Crow, Lakota, Cheyennes and Arapahos
Point of Interest: Lived off of Buffalo, fish and rabits

For more information regarding the Native American tribes that Dave McGary focuses on in his bronze sculptures, we recommend the following resources:;; Handbook of American Indians, 1906; Handbook of American Indians, 1912, Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 30, part 1 and 2;;;

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Map of Native American tribes in North America

Other Native American Tribes of
Bronze Art Sculptor, Dave McGary

Northeast Indian Tribes:
Fox, Huron, Mahican, Martha’s Vineyard Indians, Mohawk, Objibwe, Shawnee and Shinnecock

Southeast Indian Tribes:
Cherokee, Chesapeake, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, Pensacola and Seminole

Upper Midwest Indian Tribes:
Algonquian Family, Atsina, Chippewa, Dakota, Foxes, Hurons, Iroquois, Oneida, Potawatomi, Shawnee and Winnebago

Upper Plains Indian Tribes:
Apache (Jicarilla), Arapaho, Arikara, Assiniboin, Blackfoot, Brulé Sioux, Caddo, Cheyenne, Cherokee, Chippewa, Comanche Dakota (Sioux), Delaware, Foxes, Gros Ventre, Hidatsa, Hunkpapa, Illinois, Iowa, Iroquois, Kickapoo, Kiowa, Kiowa Apache, Mdewakanton, Sioux, Mandan, Missouri, Oglala, Ojibwa, Omaha, Osage, Oto, Ottawa, Pawnee, Peoria, Ponca, Quapaw, San Arcs, Sauk, Santee, Seneca, Shawnee and Teton Sioux

Southwest Indian Tribes:
Apache, Comanche, Havasupai, Hopi, Jemez, Kiowa, Kiowa Apache, Lipan, Maricopa, Mohave, Navaho, Paiute, Papago, Panamint, Pecos, Pima, Pueblo, Shoshoni, Sobaipuri, Tewa Pueblos, Ute, Walapai, Yavapai, Yuma and Zuñi

Mountain Indian Tribes:
Apache, Arapaho, Arikara, Assiniboin, Atsina, Bannock, Blackfeet (Siksika), Cheyenne, Chippewa, Comanche, Cree, Crow, Dakota, Jicarilla, Kiowa, Kiowa Apache, Mandan, Nez Percé, Navaho, Paiute, Pawnee, Piegan, Pueblos, Salish, Shoshonean Family and Shoshoni

Canadian Indian Tribes:
Algonkin, Arapaho, Assiniboin, Atsina, Chippewa, Cree, Crow, Dakota, Haida, Hidatsa, Huron, Iroquois, Kutenai and Tionontati


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